This is a live ongoing project to redesign MyAviva app.
The app is a key point of interaction between the customer and the brand. The aim is for a customer to be able to use MyAviva to look up policy details, initiate claims, update profile information and find tailored offers for new insurance products.
As the lead designer on the project, my role is to oversee the complete redesign of the app in incremental steps. My main goal is to make MyAviva feel simple to use and allow customers to seamlessly and naturally navigate through the content by breaking down complex insurance information into simple steps.
I began with an extensive research of Google’s Material Design documentations and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.
To allow for ongoing work on the app, I’ve created a modular design system in which components can be reused and combined to create new components.
I work closely with the lead UX designer to make sure that all of the user flows feel natural and easy to perform.
By displaying information in more graphical ways, such as including car brand logos, I’ve brought the content to life.
I have used prototyping tools such as InVision and Principle extensively to illustrate to the team how the interactions work in practice. This has improved communications between designers and developers and allowed me to pitch new ideas and push the design of the app further.


UI Designer


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